The 10 Commandments (set up tips)


1)The angle of attack of the sponson ride surface should be at least 6 degrees.

2) The true sponson depth should be 1 inch.

3) The rear window should be 2 3/4 inches.

4) The depth of the bottom of the prop shaft at the transom should be equal to the true sponson depth.

5) The rudder should be mounted on the right side of the transom.

6) The prop weight of a fully loaded boat should be 3 ounces.

7) The weight of the boat should be offset to the left by 10%.

8) The pivot point of the rudder should be behind the trailing edge of the propeller.

9) The tunnel width multiplied by 2.18 will give the ideal distance from the back of the sponson to the leading edge of the propeller.

10) At the exact moment you think you have it all figured out, you will discover that you are wrong.